By Edward and Rebecca Plant

Are you working too many hours? Are your team members useless? Does your business need you in it constantly to grow and prosper?

In Lead-the-Ship, husband and wife team Edward and Rebecca Plant talk straight about why you find it hard to get the results you want from your business and those in your employ; and how to get them doing the heavy lifting for you.

The pair, Edward and Rebecca, juggle marriage, children and two business arms and in this book show how 100s of businesses have turned the tables on being slaves to their operation to leaders of their own ultimate experience. Through case studies, stories and dozens of practical tips, they show the way to decision-makers who are trying to figure out how to make more money and get more time off.



How to create a business culture that drives growth for you.


How to improve your staff performance by 20% in days.


How to create buy-in and build a business rhythm that propels your results.


Get clear on your ship, what it needs, how to get it moving faster and how to change your role so you aren’t critical in every operational component of the ship.


How to halve the time you work in your business.


How to improve your planning and strategy that you implement in your business.


How to double, if not triple your monthly business revenue.


How to Lead Better. How to improve how you lead your business, your staff and your customers. Drawing on a combined 17-years military experience, 20-years netball playing and leading and 7-years of growing businesses with other business owners.

“Together, Bec and Ed write with a charming blend of gentle advice,whack-over-the-head-reality-checking, sympathetic reassurance and illustrative storytelling to bring their thoughts to life.

It is a style that is honest and clear. It is a style that resonates and spurs you into action.”

Peta Fielding - CEO Burleigh Brewing

A Word From The Author

We are passionate about passionate business owners. 

We believe that if you knew how to not only lead better but also lead a better business, you and those around you, quite simply, could live in a world where happiness, satisfaction, positivity and equality were the norm. Where simple pleasures were celebrated. Where true wealth was measured not by how much was in your bank or the banks of your employees, but by how satisfied they were. After all, most people spend more time at their place of work than anywhere else. Imagine what this sort of world could equal. 

That is why we wrote this book.

We hope you enjoy, but mostly benefit from “Lead-the-Ship”


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